Now Is The Time .. to make beautiful music.

Need an opening song for your voice/piano or elementary/middle school performances? I used "Now Is The Time" as a welcoming song on my Spring Piano Recital (I encourage my piano students to sing -- it teaches them phrasing and emotion in music). My parents and students loved the humor, truth and beauty of this piece! Easy and fun to learn. Available on sheet music plus with just the piano/ voice score, or as a reproducible classroom packet for choirs.

Many instrumentalists are uncomfortable singing, but if they start at a young age, they are more likely to continue into their teens and adulthood. It is so much easier to understand the expressiveness of music if you sing, even if just occasionally. If I have students who are uncomfortable singing (generally, students who start later, such as 4th grade or older), then I do the singing. If they are playing a Classical Piano Piece, I will make up words to get across the point of the music, usually in an exaggerated tone of voice. (I am so happy, this song makes me sad, etc,. etc.) You do not have to be a great singer, just one that is willing to take a chance!.

You can hear "Now Is The Time" by clicking (copy and paste) on the link below. Then click the Listen button. This is a recording of three of my students (sisters) practicing for our Spring Recital. Enjoy!

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