Don't Let the Sun Set on Summer Lessons!

As private music teachers prepare their summer schedules, there is always a family that will say, "we will not be taking lessons during the summer: we are travelling, taking a break, taking camps, etc. etc." There are two issues that arise from this decision: the student loses skills they have spent months learning, and the teacher loses income and must find a way to fill the economic gap.

In thirty years of teaching, I have NEVER had a student who "takes a summer break" make it to an advanced level of playing. In fact, most of these students barely achieve an intermediate level. Besides losing the skills they have achieved, they often have difficulty getting started again in the routine of practicing and focusing after having 2 - 3 months away from lessons. They also get the message from their families that lessons are not that important and worth the effort.

While some teachers are part-time, the fully professional musician/ teacher depends on year round income to pay her bills. That does not stop during the summer months. I continue to enroll students during the summer, and if a family discontinues during the summer, all I can promise them is that I will try to work them in to my schedule after I schedule the year round students.

Enjoy your summer sunsets, but don't let the sun set on your musical growth!

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