What do you do when a student REALLY wants to learn a piece that is too difficult for their level?

You make an arrangement for them!

One of my students came to her lesson and was trying to play "Lift Every Voice" by ear. "I REALLY want to learn this song," she told me. So-- I made a late beginner arrangement for her. Also known as the "Black National Anthem," the words are a poem written in honor of Lincoln's birthday. I am always excited when students are moved by music and it's message,and making an arrangement (which I can then post on sheetmusicplus.com) is a no-brainer.

I use the Finale music program, and can knock out an easy level arrangement in a couple hours (going back over it to correct mistakes). I can even download it as a PDF and email it to the student!

P.S. Black history month is February, so this is a great piece to start in January! Link to the sheet music plus page is below (you may need to copy and paste!)


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