When You Fall In Love (With Making Music)

There is an evolution to falling in love with music that occurs over time.

The young child is excited about pressing keys and making sounds.

There is more excitement when the young student plays their first recognizable song. "Baby Shark" can be learned in the first 3 lessons. Then comes "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Old McDonald."

There comes a long period for beginning students, adult or child, where they are in "learning basics" mode. Basic note reading, basic good technique, beginning to understand scales and chords. I help them work through this, by making sure I include some "fun" or familiar tunes either by rote teaching, or arranged for their current level.

Excitement can wain for awhile, but for those students (and their parents who can foresee the future) the student who continues to take lessons and practice as guided by their teacher will reach the next intermediate level. Here they are playing their first "Classical" pieces, or "Jazzy" pieces. When they work to prepare for a performance, the student learns their piece at a higher level, and it becomes more satisfying to play.

It is when students reach a late intermediate/early advanced level that all their training comes together: technique, phrasing, style, the history of the music they are playing. Recently, I had two teenage siblings playing their first Chopin pieces. Even while they were learning the notes they were phrasing beautifully, with little guidance from me. After a few lessons, I could sit back and listen to them, and just say "lovely' when they were done.

They were in love with the music, and it could be heard in their playing.

For those in their teen years, music can be an important emotional outlet for all the many feelings they experience. Even now that I am in my 60's, I see music as my therapy. Like my students, I sometimes have trouble getting to the piano, but every time I do, I again realize that I truly do love music.

Once you fall in love with making music, it is for a lifetime.

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