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Lessons are not enough.  Schedule time to practice at home!

Ideal:             5 days

Very Good:   4 days

Good:            3 days (not including lesson time!)

Length of practice 15 minutes to an hour depending on level and goals.

Helpful hints: keeping noises and distractions away from students in your home will help the student focus.  Also, remember to look for good lighting and having your piano tuned at least once a year.


If I cancel, I will make that time up.


If you cancel, makeups are not guaranteed, especially for in-your-home students which are scheduled not just by time but by the "route" for the day.  If given at least 24 hours notice, I will try to offer extra time or alternatives as they come available.  In-your-home students might be able to come to my home.  THE MORE NOTICE I HAVE, the more likely I can work out a make up or partial make up of the time.


For families with two or more students taking lessons, if one is ill or unavailable, the other students (or parent) can take the entire lesson time.


Sick:  I am ok with cold and mild fevers and broken bones, but please no nausea!

Bad weather: skype or reschedule are possiblities.


Please give 2 weeks notice if you should, sadly, decide to discontinue lessons.



2019-20 Studio Calendar.

Teaching schedule and rates based on 46 weeks of once-a-week lessons.

Mon. Aug 12, new studio year begins.


District Auditions.  TBD, usually third Sat in Sept.  For the serious classical musician.  Fee required.

Sat. Nov. 9.  STUDENT PERFORMANCE at Steinway Piano Gallery on Dorsett. 1-3 pm.  Friends and Families invited!

THANKSGIVING BREAK.  Tues. Nov. 26 through Sun. Dec. 1.  Monday lesson do meet on Nov. 25!

WINTER/CHRISTMAS BREAK.  Sun. Dec. 22 through Thurs. Jan. 2.


SONATINA FESTIVAL.  Sat. Feb. 22, 2020 at St. Charles Community College.  For the serious classical musician.  Fee required.

SPRING BREAK.  Sun. March 15 through Sat. March 21.  No lessons.

Sun . March 22.  Lessons resume.

Sun. April 19.  STUDENT PERFORMANCE.  Lacefield Music.  Cancelled due to stay home order.

MEMORIAL WEEK BREAK.  Sun. May 24 through Sun. May 31.  

Mon. June 1.  Lessons resume.

FOURTH OF JULY BREAK.  Fri July 3 through Sun. July 5.  No Lessons.

Mon. July 6. Lessons resume.

Last day of lessons for 2019-20 is Sat. Aug.1

Tentative start date for 2020-21 is Mon. Aug 10, 2020. 


For Aug 12, 2019 to Aug 1, 2020.  (Rates will change effective Aug 10 2020)

Based on 46 weeks of once- a-week lessons, divided into even-billing monthly or quarterly payments.

In your home lessons.

45 minute minimum for one student*      $176  monthly or  $528 quarterly.

60 minute minimum for two students      $235  monthly or $705 quarterly.

30 minute for third/waived student          $117.50  monthly or $352.50 quarterly.

(Based on $30.66 per 1/2 hour)

*For students 5 and under, a 45 minute lesson can be overwhelming.  I can offer a 35 minute lesson for 1 to 2 quarters.

Usually this involves a 30 minute lesson (with various learning activities), then a review with a parent/guardian.  Cost is $136.50 monthly.

In my home lessons.

30 minute lesson for one student     $93.50 monthly or $280.50 quarterly

45 minute lesson for one student   $140 monthly or $420 quarterly

(Based on $24.40 per 1/2 hour) 

In my home students:  I do have a cat, which is kept away from students during lessons.


Substantial discounts are available for in my home students who can come on weekday mornings during the school year.  Call/email for a quote. (Excellent opportunity for retirees, home schoolers, second shifters!)

New: Online interactive piano lessons available through Skype.

Contact me through to schedule a skype chat.

No refunds on lessons.  Use the monthly plan if you are uncertain of your future.

Books and entrance fees for SLAMTA and MMTA events are not included in the quoted rates.

No charge for performances opportunities through the studio.  Some SLAMTA performance events have a fee.


Tuition Payment

Monthly: due the first lesson of each month.  Please be prompt!  I prefer to spend time teaching rather than rechecking accounts!

Quarterly:  due Aug. 12, Oct. 24, 2019, Feb. 3, April 30, 2020.  Payments are approximately 11.5 weeks apart.

Thanks for being prompt in your payment!  Checks, auto pay, cash is accepted. 

NEW for 2019-20: Zelle transfers.  Please let me know if interested, and I will give you the contact email (different from the website). 

USE Zelle AT YOUR OWN RISK!  If you accidentally send the payment to the wrong address, there is no recovery of the payment!

Returned checks: it happens now and then, but unfortunately, someone has to cover it!  Students/parents are responsible for return check fees.

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