_______ Has Decided to No Longer Take Lessons

Although it has happened many times in my years of teaching, my heart sank again this summer when I received this text the night before the student's lesson. This student was a bright eight year old who had done quite well in her two years of lessons, and had a lot of potential to become a really good musician. Students begin and end lessons all the time. Sometimes I suggest to students or parents that lessons be discontinued -- they have not made progress for a long time, or they are clearly stressed about other life events, or (rarely) the relationship between the family and myself is not constructive for either the student or me. But WAY too often, the parent is letting a child (under 13

Now Is The Time .. to make beautiful music.

Need an opening song for your voice/piano or elementary/middle school performances? I used "Now Is The Time" as a welcoming song on my Spring Piano Recital (I encourage my piano students to sing -- it teaches them phrasing and emotion in music). My parents and students loved the humor, truth and beauty of this piece! Easy and fun to learn. Available on sheet music plus with just the piano/ voice score, or as a reproducible classroom packet for choirs. Many instrumentalists are uncomfortable singing, but if they start at a young age, they are more likely to continue into their teens and adulthood. It is so much easier to understand the expressiveness of music if you sing, even if just occas

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