July 31, 2020

Learning is not a one-way street. 

Teachers teach students, but students also teach teachers.

I was reminded of that recently while working on one of Haydn's last sonatas, No. 52 in Eb.  I was noticing how he was using more of the piano than his earlier works, fuller chords, lots of 32nd notes, and greater contrast between dramatic and lighter sections.  As I played, I thought, "this reminds me of Beethoven!"  

I always teach my students that Mozart and Haydn were friends and influenced each other's compositional style.  And I also teach my students that Haydn was Beethoven's teacher   

As I worked on the Haydn Sonata, I realized that it was composed after Beethoven had been studying with...

September 12, 2019

Need an opening song for your voice/piano or elementary/middle school performances?  I used "Now Is The Time" as a welcoming song on my Spring Piano Recital (I encourage my piano students to sing -- it teaches them phrasing and emotion in music). My parents and students loved the humor, truth and beauty of this piece! Easy and fun to learn. Available on sheet music plus with just the piano/ voice score, or as a reproducible classroom packet for choirs.

Many instrumentalists are uncomfortable singing, but if they start at a young age, they are more likely to continue into their teens and adulthood.  It is so much easier to understand the expressiveness of music if you sing, even if just occasionally.  If I have s...

October 31, 2016

Student Performance as a Community Service.

February 12, 2016

I met a very successful doctor at a party who said to me, when he discovered I teach piano,  "I don't believe in MAKING my children do things."


I responded, "I do."


We did not have much more to say to each other after that.


I did understand what he meant, although I do not think he understood what I meant.


A lot of children are overscheduled, and sometimes their schedule is a result of their parents' choices and desires and not those of the child .   Forcing a child in to an activity in which they have no interest or makes them feel uncomfortable is not a good idea, maybe even cruel in some cases. (To be clear, I am not talking about homework and household chores.  It is never too early to learn to contrib...

November 4, 2015

NOT Another THING!

About 15 years ago I told my husband "I really do not want any more things in life, I want new experiences."  So I signed up for a tap dance class on my birthday.  I worked towards travelling more.  I learned to do hand stands.  


We need things: clothes, utensils, computers for work and communicating with families, and I feel very lucky when I have the things I need.


But what I enjoy most is that which I can physically do and see and hear.


So as the holiday season approaches (or birthdays, anniversaries, bar or bat mitzvahs, confirmations, et cetera) and you think about the recipient of a gift, think about not just giving a thing, but maybe a new experience.


One o...

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May 11, 2015

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