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Where Learning and Laughter Live! 

"You're funny!"  a beginning 5 year old student recently told me.  I am funny, but I am also serious about teaching every student to play well and to understand music.  From the first lessons, every student whether 5 or 75, starts learning good technique and practical theory through 5-finger scales and major chords.  As students progress, they learn how to "swing those blues," gracefully play Minuets, and "rock" those popular songs they like.  Over time, rudimentary reading skills progress to advanced reading skills so that all students can become independent and confident musicians!

Happy Little Girl

But just because I am serious about teaching does not mean we cannot have fun during lessons!

Beauty Versus Competition

As a member of the St. Louis Chapter of the National Music Teachers Association, I can offer motivated students the opportunity to participate in area Music Festivals and Auditions.  However,  I encourage students to study music for the beauty and emotional/intellectual satisfaction of it, rather than for the sake of competing.  Engaging in music lessons can affect brain development like no other activity!

Low Pressure, When You Are Ready Performances

For interested students, opportunities to perform for family and friends are offered twice a year, usually in the Fall and Spring at local venues.  Students learn to perfect and memorize  their pieces (duets are played with music books) and master their "nervousness" in front of a friendly audience. 

All performances are optional.  For the service oriented student, occasional opportunities are offered to accompany me to a nursing home where residents are delighted to have someone play music live, especially young people!

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